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PowerglaX presents the future of photovoltaic energy: glass that generates energy.

PowerglaX photovoltaic glass is based on the functionalisation of ordinary panes of glass which, thanks to innovative nanomolecular technology, are able to generate energy. Sunlight is captured within the glass and redirected, by means of a state-of-the-art optical transmission process, onto high-performance photovoltaic cells which convert light into electric energy.

PowerglaX glass can be clear or coloured and, once framed, can be installed like conventional windows.

The generated energy can be stored in local or centralised accumulators, or fed into an electrical grid.

By converting all sunlight into energy, and not just direct sunlight, PowerglaX glass significantly increases the potential applications of the photovoltaic technology. Indeed, it works just as efficiently in all weather conditions: whether clear skies or cloud, south-facing or north, and irrespective of orientation (upright, horizontal or slanted).

A building clad with PowerglaX glass can produce up to 167% of its overall energy demand.

Energy generated by PowerglaX glass is clean, renewable and limitless: the right energy for a bright future