POWERGLAX develops pioneering environment-monitoring systems and cutting-edge photovoltaic technology.

The company is currently working on the prototyping, patenting and engineering of a new category of photovoltaic panels in collaboration with some of the most prestigious local, national and international universities and research centres.

Our vision

We have a dream: we dream of a world in which mankind respects nature, a world in which man can interact with the surrounding environment…


Our mission

The POWERGLAX mission is to transform glass into innovative, technologically-advanced photovoltaic panels …


Our product

PowerglaX presents the future of photovoltaic energy:
glass that generates energy.

PowerglaX glass can be clear or coloured and, once framed, can be installed like conventional windows.


Fields of application

A building clad with PowerglaX glass can produce up to 167% of its overall energy demand.

Energy generated by PowerglaX glass is clean, renewable and limitless: the right energy for a bright future.

POWERGLAX products have passed with flying colours

a long series of tests to confirm the performance and stability of their optical and structural features (glass certification) as well as their electrical performance and stability (photovoltaics certification).