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Potentials end-users

“Soon to be”: Non-users who are on the edge of the market waiting to jump ship

“Refusing”: Non-users who consciously choose against the Glass PV market

“Unexplored”: Non-users of flat glass who  are distant markets

Powerglax can be used either on glass or plastic and can be exploited in a wide array of applications…


  • Any colour: full-transparent ultra clear “power-glass” (producing 50W/sqm), coloured with any ting (producing up to 100W/sqm) and dark glass (producing up to 200W/sqm)
  • Any size 
  • Any shape
  • Flat or curved
  • Effective under any light condition (low light, cloudy, outdoor, indoor, etc.)
  • Effective under any panel orientation (slanted, North, etc.)



  • Commercial buildings (Exteriors & Interiors)
  • Homes (Exteriors & Interiors)
  • Agriculture (Green-houses)
  • Marine (e.g. cruise-ships)
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense