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PowerglaX S.r.l. PowerglaX SRL is a limited company incorporated in Italy in January 2016 by Michele Tonezzer, Paolo Decarli and Angelo Allamprese (“Founders”). 

The company’s mission has been to develop the technological concept of plastic LSC modules for the production of photovoltaic energy devised by Tonezzer and Decarli – two researchers at the University of Trento specialising in Materials Science and Engineering – since 2009. The company is registered in the province of Trento and has been awarded “innovative start-up” accreditation by the Ministry of Economic Development.

PowerglaX was established in January 2016 and since April that year has raised funds on several occasions from a healthy number of private investors aimed at developing prototyping and the technology’s engineering.

The R&D team at PowerglaX comprises materials engineers and physicists with specific skills in optics and electronics (four PhD holders).

The company’s assets are its intellectual property (patents and know-how) and its collaborations with industry and the scientific community.

The co-founders currently control about 55% of the share capital, with the remaining 45% split between private financial investors.


Expected roll-out of Powerglax technology in the market.


Filing of the flexible PV strip module patent.


Engineering of the industrial production process (film production and glass lamination) and setup of the industrial supply-chain in order to start the production and sale in 2022.


Powerglax Srl filed the patent of a glass-based solution embedding the Powerglax LSC technology.


Continuing development and improvement of the technology.


Powerglax Srl was established to exploit the knowledge acquired with plastics in order to develop a new generation of innovative photovoltaic glass


Patent of an innovative plastic-based solution photovoltaic modules is filed by the founders (the patent was then transferred to Powerglax Srl after its incorporation in 2016).


Michele Tonezzer and Paolo Decarli, two research materials engineers, start working in the R&D of plastic LSC modules in collaboration with the University of Trento, LEITAT Technological Center (Barcelona) and the M.I.T. (Boston)