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Various groups have attempted to implement technology to develop glass that generates energy, but the results have been disappointing, with products unsuitable for use on an industrial scale and with uncompetitive technical specifications and performance.

PowerglaX has developed completely revolutionary technology that is:

– based on glass: our technology is suitable for use in panes of glass, while the technology of others is based on plastic panels;

– high-performing: glass produced using PowerglaX technology has an extremely high level of optical transparency (92%) and a high energy yield (between 50 and 100W per square metre)

– fully scalable to industrial requirements: PowerglaX technology was conceived and designed around a “high volume / low cost” production model. PowerglaX glass is fully scalable to industrial requirements without impacting on the production process of traditional laminated glass and with a very competitive market price;

– convenient: without competition, PowerglaX products have a free rein in terms of market positioning to maximise their valorisation (i.e., sales vs. profit margin) while ensuring a quick return on investment for the end user.