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Energy cost: substantial reduction in cost of kWh produced due to performance and BIPV approach

Semiconductors saving: significant reduction in the quantity of semiconductor material needs (up to 95%)

Product cost: lower cost due to replacement of silicon with glass, plastics and drastically lower semiconductors consumption 

Uniformity & Transparency: Substantial increase in glass uniformity and transparency (> 90%)

Different sizes and shapes: Can be produced either on flat or curved panels, different sizes and shapes

Different colours: transparent or coloured

The total superiority of Powerglax

High energy efficiency (kWh/sqm): high power generated per sqm

Glass durability: our technology resolves the efficiency decay due to temperature and to lifetime

Building integration: the glass module is a replacement of the conventional material rather than an addition

Wide sectors/applications range

Glass working with light power: our glass generates power with the same efficiency levels with sunny or cloudy weather

Any orientation: our glass allows for different orientations (i.e. vertical) and on all facades orientations (N/W/S/E)

Powerglax products will increase dramatically the energy efficiency and ergonomics of buildings, with more durable and nice designs & architectures

Lower cost and higher efficiency 

Powerglax’s technology is guaranteed to cut down energy costs of buildings/homes (or cars, or any other context of application) used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Lower product cost due to silicon replacement 

Increased energy sustainability of the building up to 166%, and energy production

Increased comfort and safety

Control of window dimness and temperature levels improves comfort and efficiency of people in the buildings using Powerglax

Substantially increase of car driver’s safety and comfort, reducing the windscreen excessive glare, when using Powerglax glass for the windscreen


Greater product durability

Powerglax increases the useful technical life of windows compared to the other existing photovoltaic (non-transparent) power glass technologies.

This leads to multiple advantages:
• Increased life cycle recyclability
• Reduction in revamping investmemts

Design & Architectural versatility

Our innovative technology delivers a drastic increase in glass uniformity

Flexibility to produce glass panels of different sizes, colours and shapes with an increase in both aesthetics and versatility

Our technology holistically fits to the “Smart City” model,
allowing end-users to generate profit by producing energy locally